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Our Mission

The goal of Birth Defect Resource is to bring awareness, news and resources to those with children suffering from birth defects. We can also provide legal support to these families. We understand that families affected by birth defects face extra challenges, and we want to make your family feel supported and heard. Cases involving pharmaceutical drugs are complicated, and they require attorneys who know how to go up against huge companies to hold them accountable for the products they sell. We have this experience.

You Don’t Pay Until We Win

We earn our fee based on one thing only: results. We do not charge by the hour, and we are not paid unless we recover money on behalf of our clients. You don’t pay unless you win. We pride ourselves on providing quality legal services to our clients. Client phone calls are always returned promptly, and we provide regular updates to each client about the status of his or her case.

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We offer free case evaluations if you think a medication has led to a birth defect in your child. You need to learn about your rights and about the compensation you may be entitled to seek. Contact us today. The law may limit the amount of time you have to seek compensation, so don’t delay.

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