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How the Oil Industry Is Affecting Birth Development

pregnant A recent article in U.S. News & World Report takes a look at the world of hydrofracking and how it might be affecting pregnant women and their babies. Fracking, the term commonly used for hydraulic fracturing, is a process used in the oil and gas development industry. A study has linked it to potential dangers in women during pregnancy, including:

  • Infertility
  • Miscarriage
  • Impaired fetal development
  • Low birth weight

Fracking uses large amounts of water, sand and chemicals to crack open oil and gas deposits, which are then brought to the surface. However, the potential exposure to toxic chemicals and radioactive materials involved with fracking has raised alarm about the risk of certain birth defects and chronic conditions in children.

Studies Show Evidence of Reported Birth Defects

report from Colorado in April 2014 reported a higher rate of birth defects within 10 miles of natural gas wells. The top two birth defects were congenital heart defects and neural tube defects. The study found a possible link to benzene exposure.

iStock_000026734151_LargeEvidence from studies like this show, at the very least, a vulnerability in pregnant women who may be exposed to toxins that compromise not only their health, but their unborn baby’s health as well.

Your Right to Legal Counsel

When new studies arise or products are found to be defective that show ways in which a woman might be negatively impacted during pregnancy, the public should be made well aware. This does not always occur. Often, news of these types of dangers does not come out until after claims are made by others.

It is your right to speak up for you and your child. Doing so may help other families. We will help be your voice of justice. If your baby was born with a birth defect and you were exposed to a dangerous or defective product while pregnant, contact our attorneys today. We will determine your legal options during your free consultation. Let us help you.


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